aroused to impatience or anger

made an irritated gesture


feeling nettled from the constant teasing


peeved about being left out


felt really pissed at her snootiness


riled no end by his lies


roiled by the delay

annoyed, ↑irritated, ↑nettled, ↑peeved, ↑pissed, ↑pissed off, ↑riled, ↑roiled, ↑steamed, ↑stung
Similar to: ↑displeased

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annoyed, irritated, displeased, aggrieved, nettled, hurt, offended, put out, resentful, upset, vexed, irked, disgruntled, chagrined, piqued
COLLOQ. in a huff, peeved
SLANG cheesed off, narked
delighted, pleased; colloq. chuffed

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adjective (informal). See annoyed.

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Etymology: from past participle of miff (II)

he looks thoroughly miffed — Jacob Hay

still miffed because he wasn't … honored with the assignment — Joseph Wechsberg

miffed that my arrival did not rate a more formal reception — Mohamed Mehdevi

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/mift/, adj.
put into an irritable mood, esp. by an offending incident: I was miffed when they didn't invite me to the party.
[1815-25; MIFF + -ED2]

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miffed adjective
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Main Entry:miff

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miffed UK [mɪft] US adjective informal
slightly annoyed or offended
Thesaurus: feeling angry or annoyedsynonym

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/ˈmıft/ adj [more \miffed; most \miffed]
informal : slightly angry or annoyed

They were (a bit) miffed [=upset] about what they considered to be unfair treatment.

She was miffed at them for not inviting her to the party.

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miffed [mɪft] [mɪft] adjective not before noun (informal)
slightly angry or upset
Syn: annoyed

She's a bit miffed that we're not taking her with us.

Word Origin:
[miffed] early 17th cent.: perhaps imitative; compare with early modern German muff, an exclamation of disgust + ↑-ed  
Example Bank:

understandably miffed

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